You should expect to see a certain level of variance in cash ups. This comes down to basic human error - forgetting to put that muffin sold for cash through posBoss, pressing the wrong payment type and so on...

However, if you are seeing large amounts of variance frequently, there are a few things to look out for.

  1. Are your daily eftpos totals being correctly entered into the Cards page on the cash up? Are you including all the Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and other card totals? 
  2. Has any petty cash been entered correctly?
  3. Has someone changed the float amount?
  4. Are you settling all customer tabs every day? Tabs need to be settled daily or assigned to an account to reconcile the cash up properly.
  5. Eftpos cutover times can cause havoc if they are not aligned to your opening hours. If you take a transaction after the cutover time, it will appear in the next day's settlement. Check these are set correctly by contacting your eftpos terminal provider.
  6. Integrated eftpos - Eftpos connectivity issues can affect the amount if the wrong selection is made. e.g.: The connection goes through to the Eftpos terminal and is successful, but the Connecting to eftpos Terminal screen does not close down properly. You should be prompted if the transaction was successful (yes/no). If the No button is selected, but the eftpos transaction was successful, there will be a variance, as the transaction will need to be settled again.
  7. External factors affecting the cash totals (float discrepancies, forgotten/lost petty cash dockets, theft, incorrect change given)
  8. Staff selling goods but often forgetting to enter into Posboss
  9. Refunds given but not entered in Posboss
  10. Keeping tabs open after cash up - all tabs need to be closed or assigned to an account before cashing up.
  11. Deleting and reinstalling the posBoss app while there are unsaved transactions/orders in the history of the iPad app,

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