It's easy to get your posBoss software up and running. Here's some helpful steps to get you on your way. Please reach out at any time if you need any help.

PRE-SET UP CHECKLIST (ordering hardware etc.)

  • Order iPad, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 (or later) minimum 32GB. *NB posBoss does not currently work on iPad Pro.
  • Set up your wi-fi: NB - a commercial grade router installed by a network technician familiar with the needs of a POS set-up is best. 

Optional set-up:

  • Order your printers. 

NB: If you’re looking to order an Epson printer, please ensure you’re comfortable with setting it up! Check the Epson Printer Setup Guide

Hardware Partners: NZ and AUS

GETTING SET UP - 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1 (build menu)

  1. Build your menu. 
  2. Check settings & enter info for your customer receipts.

Optional set-up:

  1. Set up Regulr (our mobile ordering app)
  2. Link to Xero accounting
  3. Add in products and attach recipes to your items (for Stocktake)
  4. Setup your 'devices' and add extra iPad/s  if you're looking to run more than one iPad.
  5. Set up Till logins for staff

Any questions? Please get in touch - we're lovely!

STEP 2 (hardware set up)

Download posBoss onto your iPad/s -  search for posBoss in the App store, download and login using the same email and password you set-up for the management site.  Once you’re in, switch your iPad straight into Training Mode (it’s under settings > start training).  This will allow you to process test transactions without saving any sales data as ‘real’.


  • Setup printer/s
  • Link your Eftpos
  • Set up Pre-defined tabs/table layout

Any questions? Talk to us - we're here to help!!

STEP 3 (Go live)

  1. Test (in training mode)
  2. Teach staff the basics (or just let them watch videos 4-9).
  3. Exit training mode, do a test cash up (at $0) and GO LIVE!

Any of this still unclear? Do you want training? Book in an online session with one of our team - Training is free as long as you're with us for three months, otherwise it's only $80. Get in touch via support!

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