Make sure you order your 80X80 Thermal Roll printer paper as the printer will only come with a small roll, or possibly none. See here for ordering

Check to make sure you have a compatible printer...

Setting up the Printer on the Network

Epson Printers - TM-T82II and TM-U220B (Ethernet Versions only - Not USB)

In most cases - Epson printers need to be configured for your network before being able to work with posBoss. You can try plugging the printer into your network with an ethernet cable and then searching for it on posBoss using the instructions in the Configure Printer link below - but if the printer does not appear in the search you will need to follow the guide below provided to us by Epson. 

In this case you may need a network professional to assist. You will also need a computer with a network port. 

The setup guide can be downloaded here:

Once the printer is appearing on the network, it needs to be configured in the posBoss iPad till app. Press the button below for the details.

Star Micronics Printers - TSP143 (100) LAN

Star Micronics LAN (Ethernet) Printers plug via an ethernet cable into your router and are ready to be set up in the posBoss iPad till app. 

Star Bluetooth models need to be paired to your iPad in the bluetooth settings. Once paired successfully, they are ready to be set up in the posBoss iPad till app.

It's easy, click the button below to configure.

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