When you’re all ready to roll, it’s time for a system test!

Important - Use Training Mode

Use the training mode in posBoss to test the system. In the posBoss iPad Till app, go to Settings > Start Training. This mode will allow you to practice almost all of the functions of posBoss, without saving any information. To go back to Live mode, got to Settings > Finish Training and click Ok.

What to Test on the posBoss iPad app:

  • Printing - Go to Settings > Printers, Select your printer(s) and do a test print on all of them.
  • General Print settings - ensure your printing is set up correctly, prompting (or not) for Orders as well as Receipts
  • Order Printing - Are your printing sections set up correctly - if you print multiple dockets or print to multiple printers for different sections of the menu.
  • Cash Drawer - is it opening for cash (and card if set up) transactions.
  • Eftpos (if used) - create an order and pay by card. The "connecting to Smartpay Terminal" screen should appear and the terminal should light up as it receives the order.
  • Tabs - Are your Pre-defined tabs set up (if used).
  • Network Unavailable - Test the network being unavailable. Turn router off. Test your fallback process for printing Order Dockets and Receipts (use the email receipts function).
  • Network issues resolved - Test your network coming back online. Turn on the router. Check printers and troubleshoot any issues. Check in Settings > History to ensure transactions and orders are receiving Green Ticks (meaning they are uploading to the management site).
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