Account and Company settings are located in the General section of the Settings tab on the Management site (located under your business name at the top right).

NB: To make any changes from this page appear on your iPad or receipt printing, press save and then head to the posBoss iPad app (Settings > Sync Menu

Company Information:

The section at the top contains your Cash Up pin code as well as your Company Information that displays on the top section of printed and email receipts. 

Social Media handles:

On the right are fields for your social media account handles. Displayed on email receipts only.

GST and Logo

Further down on the left we have Tax fields for GST and your Tax/ABN number for receipts as well as an uploader for your Logo. 

Reporting Settings

Finally, right at the bottom, we have your reporting settings. Select your time zone here as well as which day of the week and time of the day your reporting starts.

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