"Negative values are invalid for a pie chart" on one of the dashboard reports means that an Item or Mod with a negative value (eg: -$0.50) has been set up and has been put into a category that totals up to a negative number. This category is usually "Other".

An example:

If you create a mod called Keep Cup for -$0.50 and assign it to the category "Other", but nothing else is assigned to the category, at the end of the day the total for the category of 10 keep cups will be -$5.
A negative amount can't be displayed on a pie chart.
The Keep Cup mod should have been categorised as "Coffee" as it relates to that category.

How to Fix

Locate the mod or item with the negative value (if you're stuck, check out the Items Moved report on the Stock page)

Go to the Menu page, locate the item or mod and edit it. Change the category to one that it relates to and Save. This should resolve the issue.

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