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Testing the System

How to test the system in training mode before you go live.

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When you’re all ready to roll, it’s time for a system test!

Important - Use Training Mode

Use the training mode in Bustle to test the system. In the Bustle iPad Till app, go to Settings > Start Training. This mode will allow you to practice almost all of the functions of Bustle, without saving any order and transaction information to your Bustle hub.

Just as important!
To go back to Live mode, got to Settings > Finish Training and click Ok.

What to Test on the Bustle iPad app:

  • Printing - Go to Settings > Printers, Select your printer(s) and do a test print on all of them.

Can't print? Check out this one.

  • General Print settings - ensure your order and receipt printing is set up correctly, prompting (or not).

  • Order Printing - Are your printing sections set up correctly - if you print multiple dockets or print to multiple printers for different sections of the menu.

  • Cash Drawer - is it opening for cash (and card if set up) transactions.

Any issues? Check this one out...

  • Integrated Eftpos / Payment (if used) - create an order and pay by card. The "connecting to Terminal" screen should appear and the terminal should light up as it receives the order. Cancel out of the payment here because training mode is Bustle only - your terminal is LIVE.

Not working? Please head to the support messenger and search the help for your eftpos provider to find the troubleshooting doc for your terminal.

  • Pre-defined Tabs - Are your Pre-defined tabs set up (if used). 

  • Network Unavailable - Test the network being unavailable. Turn your internet router off. Test your fallback process for printing Order Dockets and Receipts (use the email receipts function).

  • Network issues resolved - Test your network coming back online. Turn on the router. Check printers and troubleshoot any issues. Check in Settings > History to ensure transactions and orders are receiving Green Ticks (meaning they are uploading to your Bustle hub).

All working so far? If so - Turn off Training mode

Test your iPads are syncing between each other (if more than one iPad used) - This is the final test to do and it only works in live mode. Here's how:

  • Create a tab on one iPad but don't add any items. Press Close tab to save it.

  • Wait 15 seconds

  • Open up the Tabs page on the second iPad/s and if all is well, you will be able to see the tab created earlier.

  • Open the tab and press the small dropdown menu at the top right. Select Delete to remove the tab.

  • Wait 15 seconds - check the first iPad to make sure the tab disappears.

Syncing not going to plan? Check out this article:

Otherwise - Congratulations you made it through and you're good to go!! Let us know through support chat if you have any questions or issues...

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