We've designed the posBoss menu for the best use of space on an iPad app. There are a few limits to be aware of when building your menu.

In short: 

posBoss Small Plan - 1 Page/tab, 10 Sections, 50 Items
All other plans - 5 Pages/Tabs, 10 Sections per page, and unlimited items .

Pages / Tabs - Up to 5

posBoss Menu Pages

You can create up to 5 pages for your menu. Think about the high level categories of your menu offerings and pair them on the same page if needed and use sections.

Sections - Up to 10

posBoss Menu Sections

Per page, you can break down your menu into 10 sections, giving you a total of 50 sections to use.

Items per section - Unlimited

Well, there probably is a limit but we haven't needed to find it yet. We have one customer with around 700 items on the menu and all is working well. 


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