If you want to double print order dockets or if you want to print two different dockets (1x food, 1x bev) on the same printer, all you need to do is set up second printer in your printers list in the posBoss iPad app, and point it to the same "physical" printer. 

On the posBoss iPad Till App - Go to Settings > Printers. 

What we’re going to do is set up an extra printer with the same network (IP or MAC) address as the physical printer you are wanting to print the second docket on, then simply allocate the appropriate sections and you're done.

Please note: If you have multiple tills taking orders, this process will need to happen on each till.

Let's go through the process:

This assumes you have already set up a printer in the posBoss settings. If not, please scroll to the bottom of this page and watch the Printer Settings Video

  • Press the printer you already have set up and note down the Network address 
  • Create a new printer by pressing Create Printer and name it something that makes sense to you - eg: Coffee Orders or Food Orders.
  • Switch on the Active button.
  • Select the brand of Printer from the list.
  • Press Search for Printers and select your printer (The one you noted down earlier)
  • Ensure Print’s Receipts? is turned off.
  • Press Prints Orders From Sections and tick on the sections you want printed on this order docket. Make sure to deselect these same sections from the other printer if you don’t want double ups.
  • Test printing - you're done here!

I don't have any printers set up yet...

To get your printers on the network, set-up and linked to the posBoss till app, click the button below for our setup guide:

If you're already set up, for printer settings basics, make sure you’ve watched the Printer Settings training video.


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