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Wastage - How to record items as wastage.
Wastage - How to record items as wastage.
How do I record wastage? Why is my wastage button disabled or greyed out?
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You can record wastage in the posBoss iPad till app and then view the value and item breakdown in the Sales report on the management site. 

Why is my wastage button disabled?

Wastage in posBoss is recorded as a separate action from how you manage an existing tab or table. Please follow the process below to enable the Wastage button and record your items.

How to record wastage (more in video below)

1. Deal with any existing customer tab/table or transaction first by noting the items for wastage, then voiding or refunding any items you will be placing on wastage.

2. Once that's done - Start a new order and add the item/s for wastage to it

3. Swipe the Pay button left, two times to reveal the Wastage and Hospo buttons

4. Press the Wastage button, then OK

Report on wastage

  • View high level totals for Wastage in the Sales Transaction Summary report under on the management site.

  • View your wastage totals down to item level in the Hospo Wastage Refunds report on your management site.

  • View wastage totals by staff member by using the Staff Sales Summary report.

Recording Wastage in the iPad app (shown at the 2 min mark)

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