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Optimal Menu Setup - Do I use Mods as Item names?
Optimal Menu Setup - Do I use Mods as Item names?

Tips on how to best set up your menu

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We highly recommend setting up individual named items on the menu instead of creating a generic name and setting up each item as a mod (for example: an item called Bottled Beer, with mods of Heineken, Sol etc...)

While the "generic name" concept can be done, the system is not set up to work optimally like this and could affect reporting and splitting payments by item.

Mods are ideally used as additions to an item or serving information about a single item - such as "Extra Hot" on a coffee.

An example of a recommended setup is below. Using beer as an example, each type of beer is an individual item rather than having an item called Bottled Beer with mods for the type of beer. You can quickly swipe the item onto the order. The beers will show up as single items that can be paid for separately and are reported correctly for your analysis.

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