Want to add another iPad? Easy! Here’s how:

But please note:  

  • SUPER IMPORTANT: You MUST cash up all of your iPads daily - whether they have been used or not. See note below.

  • To add more than one iPad to your posBoss setup you need to be on our Medium or Large plan

Let's add an iPad!

  1. Head to your posBoss Management Site under - Setup > iPad Setup - press New iPad (at the top right)

  2. Name the new iPad device so you can log into it - and assign it a name and code.

  3. Please ensure that it has a unique starting number for orders (e.g Till 1 - #0001, Till 2 - #1001, Till 3 - #2001 and so on).

  4. Download the posBoss iPad App from the App Store and login to the new device from your new iPad by selecting it from the list after login.

  5. Check, Set up and test any printers, eftpos settings and switch on Pre-defined tabs if used on your other iPads.

Important things to note: 

  • Any order or tab created will sync to the other iPad/s within 15 seconds. Issues syncing? Try performing a $0 cash up straight away, then delete and reinstall the posBoss iPad app.

  • All posBoss devices are capable of making payments to orders and tabs.

  • For this reason, ensure you cash up all iPads every day. Even if you are only using the iPad as an ordering device. 

  • Any transaction settled on an iPad, will show up in that iPad's cash up.

  • Any iPad not regularly cashed up can cause syncing of tabs to slow and printing & Saving of orders to delay. This gets worse over time as more data is added and not cleaned up by the cash up process.

Now,  get back to annoying the chefs, because you’re all done here!


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