Accounts are a tricky part of posBoss and at this point we're unable to reverse an assignment once it's been placed onto an account. This is why we pop up a warning and have a confirmation step when assigning. 

But despite the best of care being taken when assigning to an account, mistakes can happen.

Assigned a tab incorrectly

While we are unable to remove the assignment, there is a way for you to correct the account financially. 

Open the account on the iPad app (Settings > Accounts & Vouchers). Press the Pay Account button. Press Partial and key in the amount in error, then press the Clear Balance / To Invoice button. (To Invoice has been renamed to Clear Balance in posBoss version 4.5.7)

This removes the amount from the account (and posBoss) so the order/tab will need to be created again if needed, and assigned correctly. NB: Your stock movement will be impacted as there is a double entry. This can't be changed.

Credited an account the wrong amount

This gets a little trickier. To fix this up on the account, you will need to create a new button for your menu on the management site. 

  • Set the sales price to be the amount you need to remove. 
  • Name it whatever you like - "Account fixup" 
  • Add the button to the menu, save.
  • On the posBoss iPad till app go to Settings > press Sync Menu
  • create a new order by adding the "Fixup" button to it.
  • Assign the order to the account to get it to the correct amount
  • Remove button from menu, delete the item and sync the menu on the iPad app again.

NB: This removes the extra amount from the account but expect your cash up to have a variance of the amount assigned incorrectly.  This cannot be adjusted.

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