Management Site Issues

Unable to save items or menu? Report not showing the correct information? Screen has frozen?

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If you are experiencing any issues on the Management Site, the first thing to try is refreshing your browser.
Please note: The site only works properly with Chrome or Safari browsers.

Refreshing fixes most issues, but if it hasn't:

  • Try clearing your browser’s cache (Deleting all History in the browser settings)

  • Get in touch with us and advise which type of computer and browser you’re using

  • If it’s an iPad, is it running iOS6, 7 or 8, and are you using Safari, Chrome or another browser?

  • Does another browser work? (Try Chrome if Safari isn’t working)

Once we have this information we can run some tests and look at resolving this quickly.

Unable to access your menu?

Get in touch with posBoss support - this is likely an error with a recently added product. Our team can fix these up quickly.

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