In Xero, the posBoss information is sent into Accounts > Sales > Invoices then look in your Draft section.

If the data isn’t showing there:

  • Log into the management site and go to Settings > Xero. (or Settings > Integrations > Xero if using Control) Click the Disconnect Xero button at the bottom of the page.
  • Wait for a full minute and then reconnect to Xero. you may need to refresh the website then go back to Settings > Xero.
  • The Xero accounts you have set up should default back but you may need to reselect them from the drop down list then press Save.
  • Go to Financials > Cash Ups. You will most likely need to send these to Xero again. Try the first cash up and see if it properly submits.
  • If still not working - in Xero, go to Contacts > Customers and locate the Posboss customer. Make sure it is spelt with a capital P and lower case osboss.
  • Double check you have set your account types correctly as per our setup guides.

Our full instructions and video can be found here:

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