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Bustle iPad app - Creating a simple order
Bustle iPad app - Creating a simple order

How to create an order on the app and some cool time-saving tips!

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Key Points

  • This instruction doesn't include table layout, emoji logins, or customer tabs.

Detailed Steps

  • Locate the item button on a page, or by using search

  • To add the item to an order either:

    • Swipe it to the right and it will appear on the order (with any default required modifications)

    • Or if you need to add mods or a note, tap the item - then select mods or add a note, then press Add

  • Now we have two items added to an order. Need to make a change, simply press the item and it will open for editing.

  • To quickly add the same item to an order again, use two fingers to tap the item. It will clone the item with the same mods and note, and add it.

  • Need to remove an item from the order, swipe from right to left and select delete or to cancel the order, press the X

  • Or if ready to pay, press Pay to go to the payment screen.

If you have printing orders activated, after you press pay your order will print or prompt to print.


  • Pay orders, or save to a tab to save them
    An order is only saved to Bustle once you press the Pay button. If you are adding items and not saving to a tab, or pressing pay - these items are not saved yet and you risk losing the order if there is an issue with the iPad.

  • Printing orders is only done for the active order
    The main thing to be aware of here is that Bustle order printing will only print the current order. If you have gone to the pay screen already and not printed, then come back to the order before payment, a new order will be started, and look like below.
    In this case, the active order is #1008 so only items under this number will print. To reprint #1007, this can be done from the history (Settings > History > Orders)

  • Once saved, items in orders can only be voided, not deleted
    This also means that order #1007 is now saved to Bustle, so you can no longer delete an item. You can now Void the item if needed by doing the same process (swipe from right to left)

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