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Bustle iPad app - Customer Tabs
Bustle iPad app - Customer Tabs

How to create, park and manage customer tabs and pre-defined tabs

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Here's how to create and manage customer tabs on the Bustle Till

Key Points

  • Customer Tabs allow you to take and print multiple orders, for payment at completion of a customer's service.

  • This instruction doesn't include table layout or emoji logins

  • ​Important: Customer tabs need to be settled every day. Leaving tabs open will cause issues with your reconciliation and may disappear from the iPad after 2 days. Assign any open tabs to an account before cash up.

Detailed Steps

  • To create a customer tab, you can either press name me at the top of an order, or press the Tabs button, then +, then add the name.

  • Now, with your tab open, you can add items and when ready, press Close Tab to print the order, and park the tab.

  • Pressing Close Tab on a new order only prints that currently active order (not any of the items from previous orders).

  • When it's time to take that second round or pay the bill, locate the tab by pressing the Tabs button. In this view you will see the time the tab has been open for, the initials of the server, the tab name and amount owing

  • A long press on the tab will reveal more information, including itemised list and the order numbers.

  • When ready to pay - simply open up the tab again and press the Pay button.

Pre-Defined tabs

To save time naming your customer tabs, you can use pre-defined tabs.

  • Press the Settings button, then Pre-Defined Tabs.

  • Press the Enable toggle, and then Add Pre-defined Tab to get started.

  • Name your tabs and press Done.

  • Made a mistake? Swipe from right to left to Rename or Delete.

  • Your pre-defined tabs will now appear on the Tabs screen. Select one to use it and add your items to the tab as usual. It will move from the lower section of available tabs, to the Tabs in use (top) section.

  • Once paid off, it will again pop down to the lower section and can be used again.

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