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Bustle iPad app - Public Holiday Surcharges
Bustle iPad app - Public Holiday Surcharges

How to set up a surcharge for a public holiday

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Key Points

  • Make sure to sync the menu on your iPads after you have set up the surcharge to get them appearing on the day/s selected.

Detailed Steps

On your Bustle Hub

  • Head to Setup > Holiday Surcharges.

  • There is a walk-through at the bottom of the page that is also very helpful.

  • Press New Surcharge.

  • Enter in the name of the Surcharge (consider adding in the percentage %), the percentage amount, and select the date.

  • You can set up multiple surcharge days that will appear on the selected day.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Sync the menu now on all your iPads. This will save the surcharge and day to your iPad for it to automatically appear on that day.

On the Bustle Till iPad app

  • Head to Settings > Sync Menu and press it to save the surcharge days.

  • When the day arrives, you will see the surcharge appear above the order number.

  • As you add items, the surcharge amount will appear, and update with every item you add.

  • If you don't wish to charge a customer the surcharge on a specific order, you can remove it by swiping from right to left, then pressing Remove.

  • Press Pay and pay off the order as usual. The balance will include the surcharge.

If you choose to pay by item, the amount of surcharge will be included per item.

  • Surcharge amounts will appear in your cash up and sales report as separate line items.


  • If the surcharge you set isn't showing up or working as it should, we recommend doing the following:

    1. Try syncing the menu again. If still not appearing

    2. On your Bustle Hub, delete the existing surcharge and refresh the page.

    3. Add the surcharge.

    4. Head to the Bustle Till app and select Sync Menu.

  • If you're still experiencing issues, please contact us through our support channel on your Bustle Hub.

  • Note: not cashing up all of your iPads regularly can lead to this kind of error. Cashing up all tills daily is the best way to avoid issues with the app, read more about it here.

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