What is Regulr?

Regulr is an app for mobile phones that helps you look after those who look after you - your regulars. It helps increase your sales by offering your regulars an easy way to remotely order and automatically pay their tab at the end of the week. 

Best of all, orders arrive and are managed via the posBoss app, keeping your sales in one place!

How does Regulr work with the posBoss iPad app?

What are the other key benefits of Regulr?

  • You and your team get to know your regulars by name, not just their regular order.
  • Offer special items or pricing for your regulars in their own menu.
  • Reduce the stress of long queues at the counter.
  • With less order taking and bill payment at the counter, your team can increase production and focus on upselling and customer service. 
  • Weekly scheduling of payments to keep those tabs paid on time.
  • Options to pay tabs at the counter, reducing transaction fees.
  • Increase your regulars and increase your sales!

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