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Can I set up credit card tipping and surcharges?
Can I set up credit card tipping and surcharges?

Can I have ongoing surcharges for credit card payments? Can I add tips from my card payments?

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We are looking into the best way to achieve credit card surcharge for all customers and payment types. 

Integrated tipping and surcharge (when totals appear in your cash up) is currently available on Verifone devices (on Bustle iPad app version 5.0 onwards) Smartpay SmartConnect, Dojo (UK) - and can be enabled by your Eftpos provider.

Learn more on how it works here:

For all other payment providers


Check out our recommended way of tipping in this article...


Here's a few options for you to consider .

  1. Price your menu with these surcharges in mind and don't charge the surcharge. This is the solution that most of our customers use and saves time and hassle when customers pay bills.

  2. Add some surcharge buttons to your till. You can add an open priced button and call it Credit Card Surcharge. Your team would manually calculate the surcharge based on the bill total when a credit card is presented, then enter the surcharge cost and add to the bill at payment. 

  3. Set a standard price for credit card surcharges (like a taxi credit card fee). If your surcharge is 2.5% then you are charging $2.50 for a $100 payment. You could set up a $1 surcharge button for anything under $50 and a $2 button for anything over $50 and so on.

  4. Set up a daily surcharge using our surcharge function on your Bustle Hub. This function is meant for single days like public holidays but can be set up daily and used for credit cards but needs to be manually set up for every day.

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