We don't fear change - we embrace it!

Please feel free to ask our support team if you're unsure but if you have a great idea about something we could create or on how something could work better - we'd love to hear it!

Your input really helps guide what we build next.

How to request a change.

Located at the bottom of the support messenger on your management site, you will find our Ideas and Feedback tool, Cadet.

Here you can review our open feature requests and vote on those you'd love to see completed, or log a brand new one if it doesn't exist yet. The best thing is that it tracks and updates you if we start working on it and tracks the progress.

Let's break it down!

Search and vote on changes

Your bright idea might have also been another customers idea - and the more votes an idea has, the more likely for it to be picked as our next project!

So search some keywords for your idea and sort the list by either latest, or most voted.

Should you find the one you're looking for or find another you'd love to see, Click the Upvote button to add your voice.

Create a new change request

your idea not there? Not a worry, you can create it by clicking Create a Post.

Add a Title And Description for your post.

In the description we'd love if you could add the following info...

When I... (describe the situation)
I want to... (describe what you want to occur)
So I can... (describe the outcome you expect)

when you type in the title, similar posts will show below (in case it already exists)

Press Create Post when you're done.

Please note....

  • The more descriptive info about how this helps your business, the better!
  • The more votes on the post, the more likely it is to be selected next.

Roadmap and Boards

When we take one of these feature requests and start to work on it, we'll begin moving it through a few stages, from planning to developing to released (which is when you can start using it).

To make it a lot easier, we'd given created only one board for feedback/changes (so there's no selection of Boards there to choose from)

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