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There's two ways to request a change.

For those wanting to log requests themselves, vote on other requests and see how we progress, head on over to our change request website - Cadet.

Get in touch via the support channel while you're logged in to the management site and let us know what you're thinking. We may ask some clarifying questions and will enter your request to cadet. (NB: you will not receive updates on any progress)

Great, I'm logged into Cadet but what do I do now?

We're glad you asked. Here's a quick rundown...

Main Screen

You will see three boards. Click to select the location of your change (or take your best guess)

How to look at existing change requests (Posts)

Click the arrow (shown below) to select how you want to sort your view of the posts. The list of posts will appear on the left and the details of the post you select will be on the right.

Vote on features you would like to see in posBoss

Find another feature you'd really like to see? Press the button that says Upvote and you're all done. You'll receive email notifications if and when the request progresses.

Create a new Change request post

On the right of the screen you can create a new request. (example below) Enter in a title and description. The more info here the better. We'd really appreciate if you could write your request as follows:

When I... (describe the situation)
I want to... (describe what you want to occur)
So I can... (describe the outcome you expect)

We may reword, merge or remove posts if needed. You will be notified if so. Here's an example of a really helpful request...

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