To purchase the compatible hardware listed in this article:

In New Zealand order directly from your management site - Settings > Hardware.
For Australian customers -  AUS Hardware


For smooth running of posBoss, we recommend getting the latest version iPad (5th or 6th generation). 

  • Purchase iPads from your local reseller or directly from Apple.
  • posBoss works on all types of iPads, from the iPad mini through to the iPad pro 12.9 inch.
  • Older iPads may still work with posBoss but are not recommended if you have a multiple till or eftpos integrated setup.
  • Some Older iPads are unable to install the latest versions of Apple iOS (operating system) as well as the latest versions of posBoss. The operating system needs to be at least iOS 10 .


For the most stable setup, we recommend using ethernet printers (that require cabling through to your router). However there are bluetooth and wi-fi options available. LEt's take a look.

Ethernet Thermal printers - plug directly into the router (USB versions will not work)

  • Star TSP143III (TSP100) Ethernet Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM-T82II Ethernet Printer

Bluetooth Thermal printers - wireless 

NB: Only for single printer / Single till setups 

For Food Trucks we recommend:

  • Star SM-S220i MFI Mobile Printer (not able to work with a cash drawer)
  • Star mPOP Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer

For cafe's, restaurants, bars and the like.

  • Star TSP143iii Bluetooth

Wi-fi Printers

For these printers you will need a very stable and strong, dedicated network using a commercial grade router. Chat to us if you're unsure.

  • Star TSP143IIIWLAN 

Dot Matrix Printers 

Ideal for printing dockets in kitchens  (please note the font size is a little smaller on dockets for this printer)

  • Epson TM-U220B

Cash Drawers

There are plenty of cash drawers that can connect to the above printers. The only specs are that they are 24v and have a RJ12 plug (Standard Receipt Printer Connector).


You can use any stand compatible with your model of iPad. We recommend Heckler stands (but can take 2 weeks to arrive from USA).

Eftpos Terminals

Check out the integrated* eftpos options HERE, or use any payment option alongside posBoss.
*Integration -  meaning that posBoss sends bill totals directly to the terminal.

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