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What happens after I request a change?
What happens after I request a change?

What are Bustle working on? Is there a timeframe on my request?

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I’ve requested a change/feature in Bustle - what now?

Firstly, thank you for your feedback! We really do appreciate your help in shaping our ongoing enhancements and future developments.

We have a roadmap of where we want to take Bustle but we also listen to what you, our customers, are asking for - and we schedule improvements where we can, based on how many times a feature is requested..

As we chart the course for Bustle, we carefully consider both our planned roadmap and the insights provided by our customers, like you. We prioritise customer driven improvements based on the frequency of feature requests, aiming to address the needs that matter most to our user community.

While we're passionate about bringing your ideas to life, our small but dedicated team has its limits. Despite the constraints, we strive to incorporate as many impactful changes as possible. To better gauge the collective demand, we encourage you to vote on the feedback posts that resonate most with your needs in the Support Messenger's feedback area.

What is the timeframe on my feature request?

Determining the timeframe for a feature request is a complex task, even for projects actively in progress. Our priorities may undergo shifts, unforeseen roadblocks can arise, and various factors may influence the timeline. Providing an accurate timeframe wouldn't do justice to the dynamic nature of our development process.

In addition to these considerations, we carefully evaluate the cost of building a feature against its value to our entire customer base. It's crucial for us to strike a balance, avoiding significant investments in features that may benefit only a select few – a lesson learned from past experiences.

We genuinely appreciate the importance of your request, and recognise that it holds significance for you. Please understand that, like any development team, we navigate our own set of processes, challenges, and aspirations as we strive to create a remarkable product that enhances the operations of numerous hospitality businesses.

Once a change request you've voted on progresses to the planning stage, we'll ensure you receive notifications to keep you informed and may reach out to get your help in getting it working 'right'.

Your patience and understanding as we work towards building a product that positively impacts the hospitality industry are immensely valuable to us. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

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