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What happens after I request a change?
What happens after I request a change?

What are posBoss working on? Is there a timeframe on my request?

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I’ve requested a change/feature in posBoss - what now?

Firstly, thank you for your feedback - we really do appreciate it and it helps guide what we improve or make next in posBoss.

We have a roadmap of where we want to take posBoss but we also listen to what you, our customers are asking for - and we schedule improvements where we can.

We wish we could work on all the great ideas that come through but there is a limit to what our small team can achieve. When we review we look at what are the most requested changes - so do vote on the posts that would positively impact you.

What is the timeframe on my feature request?

This is the toughest question to answer, even for projects and changes we’re working on right now. Priorities may shift, roadblocks may and do occur; Any number of things can affect the timing. To attempt to give you a timeframe would not be fair on you or our team.

We also have to weigh up how much the feature will cost to build against the value of the feature to our entire customer base. What we don’t want to do is spend a lot of effort, resource and funds to create something that only a handful of people will ever use - and yes, we’ve made this mistake in the past.

We do understand that your request is important to you and please understand that we have our own processes, roadblocks and frustrations while we try to build a fantastic product that improves the lives of many hospitality businesses.

Once a change request you've voted on goes into the planning stage, you'll be notified

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