Let's get posBoss and Smartpay talking!

Before we start here's some things to note

Integration is included on our Control add on as part of your subscription
(Management site - Settings > posBoss Settings > Subscription)

With Smartpay, depending on your terminal, you can be set up with Smartlink or SmartConnect. If you are using Smartlink - this article is not the one. Head on over here.


SmartConnect integration is available with: 

  • Smartpay S920 mobile Wifi/GPRS (can be run on either)
  • Smartpay S800 fixed IP
  • Smartpay S80/S300 Fixed IP
  • Smartpay S800/S300 Fixed IP
  • Smartpay D210 mobile Wifi
  • Smartpay S90 mobile GPRS
  • Smartpay S900 (no longer sold)

Getting Set Up

Set up the terminal with Smartpay

Once you receive the terminal, follow the SmartConnect guide to get set up and locate your 8 Digit Pairing Code.
 (Contact Smartpay if you get stuck here)

Set up posBoss for eftpos

Select your provider on the Control tab in your Management site settings:
Settings > posBoss Settings > Control.

You will see the following. Click inside the button where it says None.

then select your provider

and finally, click Save. You will see some links below to help you get set up.

Once activated:

  1. In the posBoss till app go to: Settings > Press Sync Menu.
  2. After syncing is finished, fully close and restart the posBoss till app (press the iPad’s home button twice, and swipe up on posBoss to close).
  3. Open the posBoss till app again then: Settings > Eftpos > Connect
  4. Locate your 8 digit pairing code and enter into the Connect to Smartpay Terminal window. Then press Pair Terminal
  5. You're done!


Can't see the SmartConnect logo in posBoss eftpos settings? If you were previously on Smartpay Smartlink you will need to press the settings button at the top right of the window, then press disconnect.

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