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Accounts - Printing or saving a PDF of an itemised summary
Accounts - Printing or saving a PDF of an itemised summary

How to print an itemised summary and receipt for an account

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Printing from the Bustle iPad till app

To print an itemised account summary, you can do this on the Bustle iPad till app at any time before you pay off the account. 

To print a summary from the Bustle iPad till app:

  • Open up the Accounts & Vouchers page

  • Select the account

  • At the top right select the menu button

  • Select 'Print Summary'

When you pay off an account in full, the account will be cleared and all transactions are removed. The history of the account can be viewed on your Bustle Hub.

Printing/saving account details from your Bustle Hub

If you have already settled the account, you can still access itemised details on your Bustle Hub under Accounts > Active Accounts.

Using a desktop or laptop computer and a standard printer (optional), you can open up the breakdown or summary of the account - so it pops up the details on the right of the screen.

Press command + P (or ctrl + P for Windows) to bring up the print window screen. If you have a standard printer you can print the account summaries. Alternatively, you can select Save as PDF from the Destination drop down and save it to your computer.

Print Account from posBoss management site

Printing Receipts for Accounts

Receipts will print for accounts but are not itemised. This is because we allow for partial payments to be made across multiple account assignments - so Bustle cannot determine which actual items are being paid for.

Using this information for an invoice?

Please note: Bustle do not create invoices for accounts. This should be done in your financial system which has all the information you need to create invoices.

We supply an itemised summary that can be used as additional information for your invoice.

Printing the account summary can be done using the processes above, or at the time you settle the account for invoicing. You can settle the account by using the payment type Clear Balance. Using this process you are prompted to print one or two summary dockets - but in this case, saving as a PDF from your Bustle Hub would give you an attachment to send with your invoice.

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