Changing plans is easy. Here's how!

  • Make sure you have your posBoss password at the ready. You may not be charged immediately but this is required as security.

  • Head to the posBoss management site and log in.

  • Click your company name at the top right of the site then select Subscription.

  • Press the Manage Your Subscription button.

  • On this page you will need to make any changes - change how often you want to pay, your base plan, or any add-ons. 

  • Double check you have selected correctly and press the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page.

Please Note:

  • The subscription system will take any current payments into account and adjust accordingly on your next charge. (Where it shows pay $xx.xx - this will be the usual monthly payment amount - not necessarily charged to your account immediately) - more on partial charges here.

  • If you want to move between paying monthly, weekly or annually - get in touch to discuss as you will be charged immediately and your old plan cancelled.

You are on the Medium plan and want to add Control to get eftpos integration and staff logins. You select the Control add on and press Let's Do It!
The button says Pay $85. This is what you will be paying per month going forward, but for now you won't be charged anything. Our payment system will calculate a partial charge for the add on (depending on where you are in the pay cycle), and pop that onto your next full charge of $85 +gst.

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