posBoss has been designed to be snappy and efficient and able to handle large amounts of transactions. It should never be slow!

Most likely culprit: Not all of the iPads running posBoss are being cashed up. Or lots of accounts with months worth or transactions sitting on them.

Quick Fixes:

  1. Check how full the iPad is: iPad Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage. How much space is showing in Available? (you'll want at least 25% free space)
  2. Fully close and restart the posBoss app and reboot the iPad. (should be done once a day)
  3. Do you have more than one iPad ? Are any of the others not being cashed up daily? This can cause data problems that worsen over time. If so, cash up all ASAP and keep all of them locked at the pin pad after cashing up until all are done. This will clear old data and speed up posBoss.
  4. Are you on the latest iOS version? Check what the latest is HERE then check your iPad under Settings > General > About > Version
  5. Are you on the latest version of posBoss? (Any updates showing in the app store?) 
  6. Do you have old accounts sitting on posBoss that haven't been cleared / settled in a long time (usually staff or admin type accounts). If so, best to settle them which clears those old transactions from the iPad - still available on management site though.
  7. Is your iPad getting a little old? If it cannot get the latest version of Apple's Operating System (IOS) then it's time to look at an upgrade.
  8. Delete and reinstall posBoss. This will correct any posBoss system issues.

Still slow? Ok let's take a look at your iPad. 

Check out which version of iPad you are using:

To smoothly run posBoss, we recommend using nothing earlier than iPad Air 1 or the iPad mini 3. 

If you do have an older model and you want to try to squeeze some more life out of it you can try the following  - but in the end, replacing the iPad is the best solution.

  • Fully delete any apps you don’t need on the iPad. Normally this is everything except Apple default apps and posBoss.
Deleting the posBoss iPad app
  • Disable Background App Refresh. iPad Settings > General > Background App Refresh - Don't turn off if using streaming apps like Spotify.
  • If you are trying to stream Spotify off an old iPad as well as use posBoss - consider upgrading your iPad.

A few other things you can try (you may need to google how to) are:

  • Clearing your browser cache (Safari or Chrome)
  • Turning off Location Services (under Settings > Privacy)
  • Turning off Siri & Search (under Settings > Siri & Search)
  • Enable Reduce Motion (Settings > General > Accessibility and tap the slider for Reduce Motion)


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