Yes!  Our Control plan add-on gives you more control over your transaction reporting. Here's how it works...

You can now filter the transactions by 

  • Date
  • Staff Member
  • Transaction type

Leaving the transaction type bar unselected will show all transactions. Toggle on and off the types to display what you're after. You can select multiple types.

Things to note:

  • This report is designed for you to quickly locate a past transaction or set of transactions. 
  • The results will show up to 30 days of past data starting from the date selected. You may need to press the More More More button at the bottom to load more results.
  • The results will display any transaction that contains the transaction type (eg: Hospo) selected. If there are multiple payments of different types on the tab/order - you will see all of them
  • Transactions that display are shown at the time the payment was made.

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