Setting up Suppliers on your Management SiteĀ 

Note: For the full video training on Recipe builder, suppliers and stocktake, head here...

Head to Stock > Suppliers

Here you will see your supplier list. Once set up, simply press on the Place Order link to call, email or head to the supplier's ordering webpage. Easy!

posBoss Suppliers and Stock

Let's take a look at the details...
Click + Add Supplier. The details window will appear as below. Add your account details, select how you order and fill in the appropriate field (eg Phone number).
Select how often you order, the supplier's order cutoff time and the next order date and you're away!

posBoss Stock add a Supplier and Order Reminders

Order Reminders

On the day your next order is due for each supplier, a helpful and timely reminder will appear on your posBoss dashboard - No more last minute dashing to the supermarket! Check out more about order reminders below

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