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Do I really need Wi-Fi to run Bustle
Do I really need Wi-Fi to run Bustle

Do I need a wifi network to use Bustle

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There are other options if you don't want to set up a full wi-fi network but it is dependent on what type of set-up you need. 

We do support a range of Bluetooth printers that don't require a wifi network. These are ideal for smaller single till operations. Here's more info for a smaller/mobile setup.

Wi-Fi is required if....

  1. You are using more than one iPad

  2. You need to print to more than one printer (or kitchen printer)

  3. You've bought Ethernet printers

  4. If you are using Integrated Eftpos 

Our team have the skills to help you understand what's needed for your setup. Please do reach out if you need us!

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