Order Dockets and Receipts

What is the difference between printed orders and receipts and what do they look like?

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Let's break down Order Dockets and Receipts!

Order Dockets - are used to print customer orders to the kitchen or service area.
Receipts - are a printed record of the items a customer has paid for and is given to the customer

Order Dockets

Things to note:

  • Tab names, order numbers and table names (if using table layout) will display.

  • The time of the order will be shown

  • All items and mods will appear and will display the item's Button Label name.

  • Staff member name is displayed if using staff logins

  • Covers will appear if using table layout

  • Menu section headings will appear if you have switched on the group orders by section feature in your printer settings (best used if you run courses)

Order dockets can be printed in three sizes on most printers (available from Bustle iPad app version 4.7.2)


Things to note:

  • Your logo and company information will appear on the top, including the GST Number entered in your settings.

  • The time the receipt was printed is shown.

  • Tab number or order number is displayed.

  • All items and mods that have a price associated will be displayed. Anything with a $0 value will not. 

  • The full item Name and mod names will be displayed. (not the button name).

  • Amount of any payments and balances appear.

  • GST breakdown is included at the bottom.

  • If a partial payment is made, all the items will still appear in the itemised list.

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