Let's break down Order Dockets and Receipts!

Order Dockets - are used to print customer orders to the kitchen or service area.
Receipts - are a printed record of the items a customer has paid for and is given to the customer

Order Dockets

Things to note:

  • Tab names, order numbers and table names (if using table layout) will display.

  • The time of the order will be shown

  • All items and mods will appear and will display the item's Button Label name.

  • Staff member name is displayed if using staff logins

  • Covers will appear if using Table layout

  • Menu Section headings will appear if you have switched on the group orders by section feature in your printer settings (best used if you run courses) - available in posBoss version 4.5.7

posBoss Printer Order Docket


Things to note:

  • Your logo and company information will appear on the top, including the GST Number entered in your settings.

  • The time the receipt was printed is shown.

  • Tab number or order number is displayed.

  • All items and mods that have a price associated will be displayed. Anything with a $0 value will not. 

  • The full item Name and mod names will be displayed. (not the button name).

  • Amount of any payments and balances appear.

  • GST breakdown is included at the bottom.

  • If a partial payment is made, all the items will still appear in the itemised list.

posBoss Printer Receipt


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