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How to manage card tipping with Bustle
How to manage card tipping with Bustle

How do I add card tips to a bill?

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Integrated card tipping, where card tip totals appear in your cash up, is currently  
available on Smartpay SmartConnect devices and can be enabled by Smartpay  - give them a call to switch it on!

For other payment providers

The tricky thing with Card Tips is that they are recorded as income -  as the Tip amount is processed as a normal payment from your eftpos provider.

This means it is important that you keep a record of your Tips so you can deduct this from your financial records.
Note: As tips are recorded as sales - you will be charged transaction fees and tax on these.

We suggest building in a miscellaneous priced tip button so you can easily track the value of tips processed over a time period. (Please note that this process only works when you are printing a bill summary for the guest to fill in a tip, or they tell you to add an amount before you process the payment)

Setting up the Tip button

  • On your Bustle Hub, create a new item and name it as you would like to see it on the receipt and button.

  • In the Sales price field, drop down the icon to the right of Item 

  • Select Open

  • Set the Sale Price to $1

  • Click Next and then Done on the mods page.

  • Add your new button to your menu and save (you may want to create a new section)

  • On the iPad app press settings then Sync Menu

  • The button should now appear

Processing the tip for the transaction

When you are In the Pay screen on the Bustle iPad Till app, the Print Summary button printout has an optional tip line that the customer can fill in. 

Use your Tip button to enter this value. (This is done in cents - 500 = $5). The tip value will be sent through to the eftpos machine along with the rest of the bill (if you are using Integrated eftpos).

If you are not using integrated eftpos and want to record the tip amount into Bustle after payment has been made - you can simply use the Tip button to add the Tip amount and pay it by Card

Tips will now be part of your total turnover in regards to items sold so when it comes to matching your eftpos settlement to Bustle takings these will reconcile  -  otherwise you have variances between Bustle & eftpos settlement totals that are tricky to track down.

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