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Moving, Merging and Splitting Tabs and Tables
Moving, Merging and Splitting Tabs and Tables

How to move items and orders between tabs and tables

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Key Points

  • Merging or splitting tabs in Bustle is easy! When you have a tab or table open on the screen, press the round button at the top right and press Move!

  • Moving items and orders between tabs can happen whether table layout is on or off, In the detailed steps below we'll look at both.

  • Moving is mainly used to

    • Move the tab across to another table when the guests have physically moved.

    • Split off a payment for someone that wants an itemised bill after dining with others

    • Move a tab onto a table when the previous diners have paid and the table becomes free.

    • Move items assigned to the wrong table.

Detailed Steps

Moving items and orders for Tabs (when table layout is off)

  • Firstly, open up the tab that you wish to move items from.

  • Press the round button next to the tab name and select Move, then confirm the move by pressing Yes.

  • You will be taken to the Tabs screen and the tab you are moving from will appear in Orange.

  • You can either select an existing tab to move the items to, or press the + button to create a new tab and name it. (in this case we will move some incorrectly assigned items from Tony to Tina.)

  • We tap on the item to move it across from left to right, or the order number to move the whole order, or the Move All button to move everything.

  • In this case the desserts were assigned incorrectly, so we press the order number #2012 to move the order across.

  • Note that a new order number gets created for this - but no printing is done during the move process.

  • Press Done to complete the move.

  • On Tony's tab, you can see the old items are now greyed out with a note as to which order they were moved to.

  • Should you wish to send the order through from Tina's tab for these items, you would go to Settings > History and locate the new order (#2013 in this case) and reprint the order there.

Moving all items onto another tab

  • When you move all the items off a tab you get a pop up asking if you want to keep the original tab open, or automatically settle the tab. If you keep it open it will show all items greyed out and a $0 balance. If this is done in error, simply press Pay and use any payment type. It won't be recorded as a payment and will close the tab.

Moving items and orders (with table layout on)

  • The process with tables is essentially the same as for tabs with some slight differences.

  • Moving items from a table will open the table view 9however you can switch between table and list view if needed).

  • The table you are moving from will appear in orange.

  • This allows you to move from tab to table and vice versa.

  • When moving a Table, you will be asked if you want to move the entire tab (in the case of guests moving table) or split the tab (in the case of an incorrect order or splitting out the bill for itemised tax receipts)

  • Moving the entire tab will change the table number over to the new table, but will not print any of the tabs already saved. This can be done, where needed, from History > Orders.

  • Splitting the tab and selecting a new table to add orders to will open up the New Table window where you can enter in optional table details. Press OK to save and then proceed to move the items as per the process in the steps for moving tabs.


  • Splitting items that have been added by using the multiplier (2x Flat White) cannot be done in the move functionality. To split the items, do this before you press move, when you have the tab open on screen.

  • If you have a Tab open with a $0 balance and you want to close it - press Pay and use any payment type (cash/card/hospo). It won't be recorded as a payment and will close off the tab.

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