Can I reverse a discount?

If I have applied a discount in error how can I fix it up.

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Bustle doesn't currently support reversing a discount after it has been selected and applied to an order or tab.

However, when a mistake has happened there is a way to add back the value to the order.

Note: Please don't try to void off all the items as you will end up with a negative balance and a look of frustration.

Here's what to do:

  1. Set up an Open Priced button - call it something like "Corrections" or whatever makes sense to you.

  2. You then add it to the order and enter in the price of the discount applied in error eg: enter in 80 for $0.80 or 120 for $1.20.

If you don't want the discount and correction to appear on a receipt for the customer, you could create a new order and pay it off for them, then go to the incorrect order, add the correction and void the other items - leaving the order with $0.00 balance. Press pay and cash to close off and remove that order (won't affect cash up).

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