The weekly summary email is sent to all posBoss management site logins with the Boss profile on the morning after your reporting week ends.

The Numbers

All the sections of the email represent Total Items Moved (incl. GST) - i.e everything moved through posBoss at the full sales price - also known as Total Turnover  - meaning it doesn't remove the value of discounts, Items put to wastage or hospo, refunds or any account assignments and payments. It's the whole Sha-bang!

You Did...

This number is the items moved figure for last week .

Which means you are...

This number tells you by how much you were up or down on the week previous.

Best Day...

This displays which day of last week was your busiest and the items moved figure for that day.

Month to date turnover...

This shows the items moved figure for the current month. Note that if your report falls on the first day of the month it will appear as $0.00.

How do I get this email sent to someone else?

Easy! Set the person up with a Boss Profile Login on your management site or alternatively set up a forward from you email address.

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