Items ordered through Regulr and on your Regulr menu will only print or appear properly in Paperless if the items are set up to print on your normal posBoss iPad menu...

So it you are using the same items as on your normal menu for Regulr - your printing will work the same as it does now.

But if you are using new items for Regulr you will need to add them to your normal iPad menu. Do this by adding the items to an existing menu section already set up for printing or create a new section on one of the pages of your iPad menu. Add the new Regulr items into those sections and then set up these new sections to print where they need to from your posBoss printer settings

And make sure with every change you make to your menu, sync menu on your iPad (and Paperless if used).

No printer? No problem - after accepting the order, it will be located in history on the iPad app (Settings > History > Orders)

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