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Swap/switch the posBoss till app onto a new iPad
Swap/switch the posBoss till app onto a new iPad

How to change or remove posBoss from an old iPad and have the same till running on the new one.

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This is an easy process that should only take a few minutes. It's best done after you've cashed up but can be done mid shift if needed urgently.

1. Install the posBoss app on the new iPad

Head to the App Store on your iPad and search for posBoss. Once located, press the download button and let the app install. Don't log in as yet.

2. Delete the posBoss app off the old iPad

Quick check: Go to Settings > History and make sure all the orders and transactions have a green tick against them. If there are any with red exclamation marks, these records are not synced with the cloud and will be removed if you reinstall. (If this is the case, see our article here:iPad Not Syncing)

All good? Close out of and delete posBoss by pressing and holding the app icon for a few seconds. then click the X at the top left.

posBoss App

3. Log into posBoss on the new iPad

Now you have a freshly downloaded posBoss app on the new iPad - go ahead and open the app and sign in using your posBoss email and password. Select the till name of the one you are replacing and press Confirm.

Test printers and eftpos Integration

Test your printers are working. If you use integrated Eftpos, you will need to re-connect the terminal under Settings > Eftpos in the posBoss iPad app.

Get outta here... You're done!

Any issues? Let us know through the support channel on your management site.

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