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Printer Setup - Star mPOP Printer & Cash Drawer
Printer Setup - Star mPOP Printer & Cash Drawer

How to set up a Star mPOP printer & Cash Drawer to work with posBoss

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To set up your Star mPOP printer ready for configuration in posBoss, please do the following:

1. Turn mPOP ON and fill with paper (NB: Paper for mPOP goes in upside down) - make sure blue light is ON

2. Pair the mPOP and your iPad via bluetooth settings on the iPad - Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is ON, locate the printer in the list and press it to connect.

3. Configure the printer in the posBoss iPad App (NB: Select Star Micronics mPOP Bluetooth under Printer when setting up)

When configuring the printer for posBoss

Follow this process but note the specific settings below

Your printer will appear as follows when found:

posBoss bluetooth printers

And once set up should appear like this in your Printer Settings

posBoss Printer Settings - Bluetooth

NB: Font on dockets & receipts is smaller than standard ethernet & wifi printers due to the smaller paper size used. Star mPOP take a thermal roll size of 57x50mm.

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