Should you need to transfer vouchers from an old system into posBoss, or you've sold a voucher elsewhere and not taken the money via posBoss, here's what we recommend...

For these you will need to create accounts, not vouchers (as vouchers need to have a cash or card payment loaded at the time of creation - meaning you will be out on your cash up.)

So, instead of using vouchers, set up an Account and assign the value of your vouchers to the account as the "account limit" and save the account.

posBoss Accounts and Vouchers

When the customer redeems the voucher

Assign up to the value of the voucher's Limit $ to the account (be careful not to assign more than the limit here - you will get a warning if you do). Once you have assigned the amount, pay off any leftover amounts on the bill by the normal payment methods.

Settle and Archive the account

Once the voucher has been redeemed you need to settle the account. To do this, head back in to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers and select the account. Pay the account and use the payment type called Clear Balance. This removes the money side of things from posBoss - as you have already accepted the money in another system - but the menu items sold are still recorded in your stock reports.

Once the account has a balance of $0.00, you can then Archive it.

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