Please do the following to change over iPads from one posBoss account to a new account:

After your final cash up and before the next day of service for the new account...

  • Delete the posBoss app from your iPad/s
  • Handing over the iPads to the new owner? If so, are you handing over the Apple ID or will the new customer be changing to a new Apple ID? (changing the Apple ID without access to the email address is very difficult)
  • If changing the ID, get them to do so now - Change Apple ID
  • Download posBoss from the app store on all iPads.
  • Log in with the new posBoss account to each device (Need more iPads added? -Add a new Device)
  • Once logged in - Search for and set up your printers and add the menu sections you want to print orders to.
  • Set up any pre-defined tabs or table layouts if you use them.
  • Set up eftpos integration if used.
  • Test the system
  • All good? Go and have your favourite beverage cos you're done here!

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