Types of reports in posBoss:

There are two main types of reporting on the posBoss Management Site.

  1. Sales report - Located under the Financials tab, this report gives you an overall picture of what you made 💰💰, what you gave away 👉👉and what you're owed 🧾💸 and lets you drill down to see the detail!
  2. Stock reporting - Located under the Stock tab, these reports are based on gross stock movement 🍎🍷and don't take into account if the stock has been paid for or has been discounted, sent to wastage, hospo or placed on account. 

Sales Report

The Sales report is located under the Financials tab on the posBoss management site.

Take the tour! (3 - 5 mins) - The best way to quickly learn how the reports work by  stepping through the key areas. Best viewed on a computer logged in to the management site.

Key points of sales reporting

  • The date range you select at first will carry through as you drill down to further reports.
  • Select to view the reports in GST Incl. or Excl. This will also carry through as you drill down.
  • The Sales report initially loads with the Transaction Summary. This report outlines what transactions were made in the timeframe, minus any refunds - giving you your Total Money Taken (Net Payments Received) for the period.
  • The report then continues, looking at what makes up the difference between your Total Money Taken and your Total Items Moved for the timeframe selected. Here you will see the amount assigned to hospo, wastage and discounts (showing you what was moved but not paid for). It also shows what was assigned to accounts and still awaiting payment -  giving you a complete picture. 
  • Drill Down - Want to see more detail of what's included in the report? You can drill down into the Category Summary report - and toggle between the two. 
posBoss Reports - Transaction and Category Summaries
  • If you are using our Control add-on (only $20 per month) you will also be able to drill down into Refund, Wastage and Hospo amounts to see itemised breakdowns.

Stock Reporting

GP on Items Moved

This report displays all the items you have moved (in the time period selected) broken down by category. It displays the amount sold, average sales price, % of sales as well as the cost, gross profit and GP Margin.

Cool things to note:

  • Modifications (mods) to items will appear under each item (press the drop down arrow).
  • Mods that have a sales price will affect the average sales price of the item.
  • Clicking the item name will take you to the Edit Item screen (where you can change prices, cost price etc).

Items Moved report

This report displays a list and totals of all items and modifications moved through posBoss in the reporting time period selected. NB: this report lists mods separately to items. 

Change the display of the Items moved report by selecting the categories you want to appear on screen.

posBoss Reports Items Moved

From Left to Right

  • All - Toggle whether you want to display all categories or none
  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Retail
  • Other
  • Uncategorised

Note: Anything showing in green will appear on the report. In the pic below we are displaying alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

posBoss Categories

 For more on setting categories check out our menu building video

Items Analysis Report
(available on our Medium/Large plans or on Small plan only with the Control add-on)

The items analysis report allows you to build, view and export custom reports, based on item movement. You can view all sales as well as compare or combine items, modifications or tags.

For more on setting up tags watch our menu building video...

To access the analytics for your menu items, go to the Stock tab and click the Items Analysis report. The custom report screen will appear. There are three selections common to all reports.

  1. Type of report
  2. Date range
  3. View data by sales totals or order numbers
posBoss Custom Reports

For the compare and combine reports you can select to report on items, mods or tags. Simply click from the left hand panel to add to the selection screen on the right.

posboss Custom Report by Item Mod or Tag

Once all of your selections are complete, click Create Report. The report screen with your data will then display:

posBoss Analysis Report
  1. Click to refresh screen data
  2. Click the left or right icons to move the start date by a day
  3. Click the title to edit the report selections
  4. Clicking the edit button also allows changes to the report selections
  5. Click the delete button to remove the current report

At the bottom of the report screen you will find another toolbar with the following functions:

  1. Click to view or hide the raw data being used in the report
  2. Click to export file to CSV
  3. Click to quickly change the date range selection for the report


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