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Find your Star Ethernet printer's IP address
Find your Star Ethernet printer's IP address

How to check your printer's IP Network address as it might have changed

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โ€‹Please note that from Bustle app version 3.9 onwards, you no longer need to manually print Network IP addresses and are able to search directly from the printer settings in the Bustle app using the Search for Printers button.

Here's how to manually find the IP address for a Star TSP143 LAN printer:

  1. Turn the printer off at the power button on the side of the printer.

  2. Hold down the Feed button on the front of the printer.

  3. Keeping the Feed button held down, switch on the power again.

  4. Wait a couple of seconds until the paper starts to feed then let go of the feed button.

Check the second printed docket. The Network IP address is located near the bottom.

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