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Regulr - How can my customers pay when using Regulr?
Regulr - How can my customers pay when using Regulr?

What are the options for payment with Bustle and Regulr?

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There are a few options for payment when a customer orders using the Regulr app.

Option 1 - Pay in store and save on fees

If the customer wants to pay in-store, they can. Simply grab your iPad till and head to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers > Mobile. Locate the regular's account on the iPad app and pay it off by Cash or Card as normal. And guess what - No Regulr tab fees or transaction fees. The account will then be cleared and ready for the next order

Option 2 - Let it Ride!

Recommended for smaller order amounts that you're comfortable accruing over a week, Regulr is set up to act like a "Tab", automatically charging anything owing to your customers saved credit cards in the wee hours of every Sunday. They receive a receipt and you receive those glorious $$$ from Stripe within a couple of days.


Stripe Transaction fees apply (2.9% + 30cents) but here's where you save a little. Say the customer has ordered 10 times through regulr this week - there is only one 30 cent transaction fee charged to you instead of 10 @ $3.00, saving you more of that $$$.

The Regulr customer is also charged a small 99c fee for running their tab and paying through Regulr.

Option 3 - Pay now through Regulr

Recommended for higher transaction amounts where you'd like to see the payment go through at pickup, customers can also pay immediately through Regulr. They do this by going to their Profile > Payment Details and press the Pay All Now button.


  1. Stripe transaction fees are applied to the payment you receive (2.9% + 30cents per transaction) and the money should get to you in within a couple of days.

  2. Regulr also charges the customer a small 99c fee for running their tab and paying through Regulr.

For more on how the charges are applied, see this article:

Option 4 - Manual invoice through Stripe

Please check out the manual invoicing process in the link below...

What happens if a customer's credit card declines?

Check out the Regulr payment failure process here...

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