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Regulr - Can it make a DING sound when orders come in?
Regulr - Can it make a DING sound when orders come in?

Can regulr make a sound to notify when new orders arrive?

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Written by Brent Wimmers
Updated over a week ago

YES! It certainly can. Here's how to set it up.

We've set up the Regulr DING to happen on the iPad and not affect any music you may be streaming through bluetooth or wi-fi to your speakers. If you have Staff logins on it will ding at the same time as the Bustle logo wiggles.

There's three areas to check to make sure you're happily dinging away. 

1 - Silent Mode set to OFF

Make sure this little bell looks like it does below in your iPad Control Centre.

2 - Turn up "ringer and alerts"

Head to Settings > Sounds on your iPad and make sure your RINGER AND ALERTS setting is pumping out the volume!

3 - Your Bustle Settings

Head to Settings and scroll down until you see Bustle. Make sure the Regulr Order Notification Sound is switched ON. Also make sure you're on the latest Bustle version in the App store.

And that's it. You'll be dinging away in no time!

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