Setting up Regulr for mobile ordering is easy!! Here's how...

In a nutshell, you will be setting up a posBoss account on our Small plan and adding Regulr. You set up your menu, set up Regulr and get the iPad rocking and you're ON!

It's a few simple steps but we'll guide you through and we're always here to help.

Let's get Started!

Step 1 - Sign up to posBoss

Head to the Sign up page directly, or if you're on  - press the Sign Up button.

posBoss Sign Up

Enter your details and hit the "Get Started" Button. The posBoss management site will load up asking you to select your plan. To run Regulr, you will need to select our Small plan for only $39 +GST per month. You'll also need to select the Regulr Add on.

Press the Let's Do It button, enter your card details and you're away! (You won't be charged for the first 2 weeks)

Step 2 - Setting up your menu and Company settings

Your Company Settings

This is a quick process. Click the button below for all the info and get it rolling.

Your menu

Here is all the information you need to know about setting up your menu. 

What you'll be doing is setting up your items for sale and adding them to your posBoss menu, which will appear on the iPad you set up for Regulr incoming orders.

Step 3 - Get Regulr Set up

Here we will be setting up your outlet on Regulr, setting up the Regulr menu and getting your Stripe account set up so you can receive payments. Don't switch Regulr on just yet though - return here when set up so we can get everything  working on the iPad.
Start at Step 1 through to Step 4 - then head back here.

Step 4 - Set up your iPad and Printer

Alrighty, now it's time to get posBoss on your iPad and set up your printer (if used).
Head to the App Store on the iPad and search for posBoss then install it.
Once installed, hit that Login button and enter the email and password you signed up the posBoss with.

Printer setup
Once logged in you should see your menu appear on screen. It's now time to set up your printer to receive orders. Follow these instructions.

Step 5 - Learn the posBoss app basics and switch Regulr On.

Here's all you need to know about the posBoss app. You won't need all of it if you're only using Regulr but please check out the short videos and use them as a reference if needed. 

Now, let's switch Regulr on. Here's Step 5 from the Get Set up with Regulr article you were in earlier...

Step 5 - See pic below... Here's where to turn Regulr on. Your outlet will appear immediately in the Regulr app, ready to take orders! This is also where you can turn it off for the night or if you're too busy to take any more Regulr orders.  When turned off, your outlet will be temporarily removed - Don't forget to switch it back on and Sync your menu on your iPad when ready to take orders again (Settings > Sync Menu).

Regulr Go Live

And Finally

Here's some helpful links to everything you should need - or simply head to the top of this page and search for anything you need help on. Can't find what you need? Reach out to posBoss support using the messenger on the management site.


Show me all the help articles on Regulr - scroll down until you see the Regulr section.


The posBoss Dashboard
posBoss Reports
Cash up - We recommend you do a daily cash up even if you don't take payment in-store and they display at $0.00 total. Cash ups keep the system running smoothly and clean up old orders. See the posBoss reports link above and use your Sales report to view your weekly takings.

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