Are you over dealing with paper dockets? Want to waste less paper?

Paperless is the new add-on to the posBoss till system that replaces the order docket printer with a screen.

Your orders move through the 3 phases of delivery with a quick swipe of the finger: 

From Prepare to Serve to Done!

What devices can run Paperless? 

To run Paperless you will need an iPad running iOS 11 or greater

How does Paperless work with the posBoss iPad app?

Check out how it all works in the article link below (video coming soon)

How much does it cost?

We charge $39 +GST per month to run Paperless. This gives you the ability to ditch those printers and reduce docket handling - all the while saving the trees and making for a more sustainable future!

What are the benefits of Paperless?

Well, let’s take a look!

  • No more expensive docket printers!

  • Reduce docket handling 

  • Assists in organising the process from building to serving to those tasty treats being delivered 

  • Increases sustainability of a business by cutting out the use of docket paper

  • Save the trees, go paperless!

Keen to get set up?

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