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Paperless - How to manage order dockets in Paperless
Paperless - How to manage order dockets in Paperless

How do I use Paperless? Show me the tips and tricks of Paperless orders.

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Let's manage some orders!!

Let’s do this! Ok, so at this point you've got your Paperless device(s) set up and ready to take orders (if not, head here

Super Important: When you add an item to your menu - you need to sync both the Bustle iPads and the Paperless iPads.

This guide will cover:

OK, Let’s start with the basics - Managing orders on a simple Bustle setup 

And by this, we mean Bustle without features such as Table Layout or Staff Emoji Logins switched on. 

The order layout

The basic order layout displays:

  • The tab name - Jeremy

  • The time waiting in stage - 7

  • Order number - Order: 1121

  • Staff name - None Assigned (needs Emoji logins to display name)

  • Order details - All of the items on the order to be prepared

Paperless Order

Long orders will display a button - See More. Press on the button to display the full order.

Paperless Order - See More

The order flow

Paperless is set up to flow from left to right (though we understand this will be polarising). At the top of the screen you will notice three tabs, indicating the stages of service..
Orders arrive in the Preparing tab, then get moved to the Serving tab (for those setups with a server location) and finally to Done.

Orders arrive on the right hand side of the screen and new ones load up on the left. This direction allows for the left to right movement of orders through the stages.

Paperless - Orders appearing on screen

Moving orders between stages

With one finger, drag the order to the right to move it to the next stage. 

Paperless - Moving Orders through Stages

Made a mistake? Press the stage you moved the order to, find it and drag it with one finger to the left to move it back a stage.

Paperless - Swipe to the left

To send an order straight to Done, drag down on the order and let go - and you’re done!

Paperless - Swipe Down

Scrolling the screen

When you have a full screen of orders and more piling up, you may want to scroll through the orders. To do this, take two fingers and swipe in the direction you want the orders to move.

Paperless - Scroll the screen

So, to recap - one finger for moving orders, two fingers for scrolling the screen.

Voided Items

When an item is voided, it will appear greyed out on the order. There is no sound notification for this so communication of any voids is recommended.

Paperless Voided Items

Splitting Tabs/Tables

When a tab or table is split, a new order containing the moved items is created and will appear in the “stage” the original order is currently in.
So, If the tab or table is split while the order is still in the Preparing stage, the moved items will grey out and are added into a section called moved at the bottom. 

If the split is made while the order is in Done - such as in the case of splitting bills for payment - the preparing team will not be notified of this.

Paperless - Split tabs

Table layout and Staff Emoji Logins

Some things to note for these features in Paperless are...

  • Table number - 1 - 

  • Tab name - The Smiths

  • Staff Name - Jonny M

  • Table order docket notes (appear at the top on all orders made on the table)

Paperless Order Control Features

Other super important things to note

  • The iPad running paperless must be on at least iOS11.

  • You can have up to 5 Paperless iPads running on your Bustle account. 

  • Orders are cleared out of Done every 12 hours. Order history can be viewed as normal on the Bustle iPad Till App.

  • All orders processed in Bustle will appear on the Paperless screen - including hospo - but not wastage. Pressing “Don’t Print” if you have “prompt to print” set up on printers will not stop orders appearing. They all come through. 

  • If you make any changes to items or sections on your Bustle Hub you will need to sync the Bustle menu as normal, then sync the Paperless app in Settings. Make sure you tick on any new menu sections under the Paperless settings > Select Received Sections.

  • Training mode is not set up to send orders through to Paperless.

  • You can use the same iPad for running Bustle and Paperless and switch between the apps.

  • Table “Covers” do not yet appear on Paperless orders but you could add it as an order docket note “5 covers”.

  • You cannot currently delete a Paperless location once you set it up. But you can log into it when setting up another iPad and selecting the Replace button, and then rename the location in settings

  • Got an iPad running iOS 13 or greater? You can use Dark mode, woooooooooo!

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