There are two steps to removing Regulr...

Step 1 - Turn your regulr outlet off

On your posBoss management site, head to the Regulr tab > Status and make sure your outlet has been turned off. If it has it will appear like this at the bottom. 

Otherwise press the red button to turn off.

Step 2 - Remove Regulr from your subscription

Note: You will need to have handy the credit card that you want paying for your subscription going forward.

On the posBoss management site, head to Settings > posBoss Settings > Subscription and click Manage Your Subscription.
On this page, scroll down to the Which Add-ons do you need? section and untick your Regulr add on (or the Safe Hands Initiative add on) to remove it from your subscription.

Click the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page. You will not be charged at this time (the part that says I agree to pay X dollars is there to advise what your monthly total from here on will be) -  but you will need to enter your credit/debit card details as security for the change to your subscription.

And you're done!

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