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Regulr - Promote Promote Promote!
Regulr - Promote Promote Promote!

Now you have Regulr live, how do you best promote it?

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Promote Promote Promote!

Adding Regulr to your business can have many benefits - and when you tap into these it can really help your business thrive. With less customers lining up at the till to order and pay, your team can focus on other tasks. Even having the ability to look up from the till more often and engage your customers is golden!

Regulr can be used as a simple way to promote your specials and get pre-orders in. Create FOMO on that new growler of Hazy IPA OR pre-sell your lunch special before to the rush OR sell those remaining cabinet items for a deal.

The power of a well timed promotion + Regulr can result in an increase in SALES.

It's not only what you're promoting but how you promote it!

So what can you do? You get creative!

You don't have to spend hours and hours on it but do work a little Regulr magic into the schedule for your team.

Here's some proven winners...

Get creative on a Chalkboard outside!

A chalkboard outside your door can be a great way to advertise a simple selling point and now you can use it promote being on Regulr. Try combining your most popular treat in a deal for ordering through Regulr...

E.g. Order any coffee and one of our famous rhubarb scones through Regulr app for only $7.

Let those creative juices flow - you know your customers and what appeals to them.

Here's a couple of Tips for getting those boards looking awesome

Regulr on a chalk board

The Malthouse Chalkboard

Create a flyer to be available at your outlet.

Some customers need a more visual reminder of your offerings. For this we suggest creating a poster for your window and flyers people can take and check out in their own time. The digital version of the flyer can also go out on your social media and website.

We have placed all you need from Regulr for your flyers in this article and hit us up for some coasters and stickers if they would help.

Regulr Flyer

Social media it up!

Firstly, tell your social media followers you're using Regulr. Some creative outlets have created a how to pic and shared it with their fans. Check out a great example of this by Java Express (don't steal it - but do emulate it for your own business).

Regulr on Social Media

Once your fans are all aware, keep promoting deals, new items and Regulr. Don't give them the chance to choose where to go - entice them to you and your delicious treats by pre-ordering through Regulr.

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