Firstly, thanks for being part of the Safe Hands Initiative and adding it to your subscription back in April 2020. We hope we were of help to you during the restrictions.

We sent a lot of emails, messages, articles and banners to keep everyone informed but in case you missed them or forgot to remove Safe Hands Initiative from your subscription, here's what to do now...

All customers still on Safe Hands Initiative as at July 21, 2020 were moved to having Paperless and Regulr added to their subscription for a special price of +$69 per month. This allowed people using these products to seamlessly continue using them.

Not ready to take the next step and use these great tools Regulr and Paperless to improve your business?

If you left Safe Hands Initiative on, but Regulr and Paperless are not your bag, make sure you update your subscription asap and remove them. Make sure to switch off Regulr on your management site first.

When you’re ready:

  • Make sure you have the credit/debit card you want the subscription to be charged on at the ready. You won't be charged - but the card is required as security.

  • It is best to do this on a laptop or computer rather than a phone.

  • Head to the posBoss management site and log in.

  • Click your company name at the top right of the site then select Subscription

  • Press the Manage Your Subscription button.

  • On this page you will need to make any changes - and remove the add ons you no longer want to use by unticking them.

  • Press the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page and enter your posBoss password.

Please note: The subscription system will take any current payments into account and adjust accordingly on your next charge. (Where it shows pay $xx.xx - this is displaying the usual monthly payment amount for your selection - and is not charged to your account)

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